Yolandie Janse van Rensburg is the sole owner and CEO of of YJR Photography. After obtaining the mentorship of Martin Osner, her passion was fueled. She was especially motivated by the work of National Geographic in The Photographers. This was her inspiration to travel extensively and gain expert experience.

Working as photographer with Carnival Cruise Lines she travelled to the Carribean Islands, Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. Afterwards traveling to New York for further experience. She then returned to South Africa, were she obtained her diploma at the National College of Photography. This is where her career as independent photographer began.Yolandie worked for FINESSE Magazine and learned that she enjoyed working in the media and corporate industries as well. Now a choice photographer of events like Afrikaans is Groot and productions like Reik na die Sterre and Liefling. Her clients include FTF fittings, BBI-electric Group, Leisure and Lodging, Aguia Negra, Pescador and Lord Signature Hotel.

She is technically brilliant and the perfect picture, her dream. YJR Photography is a clear first choice!